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care for those that care for our children

My career as a human resources specialist makes me especially sensitive to a very real crisis - a staffing shortage. We are losing the administrators, educators, and support staff that create and cultivate the environment needed for our children to grow and learn. We must focus on recruiting and retaining staff that produce welcoming, dependable, and navigable schools. Our administration and teachers need to be empowered to put students’ needs first.

space for


Diversity adds knowledge and perspective. Our schools must be the example of equity in terms of opportunity and representation to ensure that all voices are encouraged and heard. Our school leaders should reflect the citizens of our community.

choices that encourage individual achievement

As a mother whose children experienced regular, magnet, classical charter, homeschool and virtual education, I know I’m fortunate to have had choices. A variety of options ensures that all children can find their niche and excel. We need creative and innovative education that can reach a diverse population to ensure that we instill in every child the experience of success.

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